Atlantis is a recent brand in the Angolan market and, through its attributes, it has conquered more and more clients. It stands out for its quality, competitive price and innovative design of the package.

Competitive Price

Atlantis water is featured for having the most competitive price in Angola. Atlantis demystified firmly rooted concepts in Angola, offering for the first time and, in an innovative way, high quality and light water for a fair price, guaranteeing the extension of the client base that have access to quality water.

Innovative Product and Design

Imprinting an innovation dynamic to the Angolan beverage market, Atlantis introduced a new package concept, offering more water for the same price. In the Angolan market, it is a pioneer in the 0.65L, 1.6L e 5.5L new formats.

“Atlantis is the water that freshens up the most for the same price.”