Nutre invested in an edible oil and bran extraction unit, the latter for technical and production of animal feed purposes.
´╗┐Following global guidelines that encourage the development of alternatives to oil dependence, Nutre also invested in
the production of biofuel.

Both located in Romania, gateway to the markets of Eastern Europe and Asia, the extraction unit and the biofuel plant are key pillars of the strategy that led to the creation of the joint venture with Bunge.

Incorporated in 2012, the joint venture between Nutre and Bunge integrated the oilseed and soybean processing capacity
of both the companies in Romania and Bulgaria. Bunge-Prio is currently one of the main operators in the Romanian market and is leader in the production and trading of edible oils (Floriol and Unisol) and biodiesel. Through its integrated units in Buzau and Lehliu, it has a grinding capacity of over one million tons of oilseed per annum.